Anonymous said: Hi! You have an awesome piercing a few pages back, I think it's a triple helix, the jewelry includes a pearl, anchor, and flat gold disc... what kind of jewelry is that? Standard studs with decorative ends? Thanks! <3

The ends you see are from Body Visions Los Angeles. They are a body jewelry company that specializes in gold and platinum jewelry. The ends themselves attach to a type of stud known as a “labret stud”. This is straight post with a small flat disk on the backside. This type of jewelry tends to be a lot more comfortable to wear, as compared to standard earrings, as there is no pointy end or butterfly backing that can poke into your head/ear.

We offer most of our jewelry for sale on-line if you are interested in ordering something. You can email us at jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com. We might also be able to point you in the direction of a local studio that could help you get similar jewelry.

fivehourhowl said: How much do the continuous rings cost? They look super cute!

Continuous rings are great! The price depends upon the material. Stainless steel rings start at $14 while gold ring pricing depends upon the color of gold, gauge and diameter of the ring.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to email us at info [at] saintsabrinas dot com or stop into the shop.

Hopefully this helps!

Anonymous said: What is your return policy on jewelry ?

For health and safety reasons, we do not do returns or exchanges on jewelry. The only real exception to this is if there is a manufacturing defect with the piece, in which case we may replace or repair the piece. Some types of jewelry have pretty much a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects while others types don’t have any guarantees. If you have more specific questions about your jewelry/situation, send us an email to info [at] saintsabrinas dot com.

We will be closed for the 4th of July. We will re-open at 11am on Saturday the 5th and will have regular hours all weekend. We hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday filled with family and friends. Be safe with the fireworks!

Anonymous said: Do you know of any good piercers in and around the columbus Ohio are were I could get good quality jewelry so I do not have to order online

In Columbus, you should check out Evolved Body Art and Piercology: 

They likely have different selections of jewelry, but they should both stock high-quality jewelry. 

Anonymous said: I recently got my helix piercing and have had it for about 28 days and would like to replace it with a ring. What should I look for in a ring for it (if that's even what they are called, I'm a bit new to piercings), where should I look for it and do you think I would be okay to have the piercing changed or should I wait longer for it to heal?

For a helix piecing, we suggest waiting until the piercing is pretty well-healed before changing the jewelry. Changing the jewelry too soon can damage the delicate, healing tissue which can lead to prolonged healing, irritation or potentially infection. This is especially true if you are changing the jewelry to a ring, as rings will tend to get knocked around/bumped/snagged on more things. That extra abuse can negatively-impact the piercing as it is healing. 

With helix piercings, we suggest not changing the jewelry for AT LEAST 3-4 months, and it may be necessary to wait longer if the piercing(s) aren’t mostly-healed at that point.

As for what to look for, there are a couple of basic things:

1) You need to find jewelry that is made of an appropriate material. Generally we suggest implant-grade titanium that meets the ASTM F-136 standard, implant-grade stainless steel that meets the ASTM F-138 standard, niobium, platinum or 14kt or 18kt SOLID (not plated, filled or rolled) gold. 

2) The ring needs to be the right diameter (how big around it is), so that it isn’t too tight or too loose. 

Your best option is to find a piercer in your area that is knowledgeable, experienced and uses high-quality jewerly. They should be able to help you determine when it is ready to change, what size of jewelry and what styles of jewelry will work best for you.

If you tell us where you are located, we might be able to make a suggestion for a quality piercer/studio. 

Hopefully this helps!

Anonymous said: what is the difference between the two earlobe piercings listed on your site?

The difference is the size of the jewelry that is used. The first price listed is for earlobe piercings up to 12 gauge in thickness. The second price is for earlobe piercings that are 10 gauge or thicker. 

Hopefully this helps!

We are excited about the new gift boxes we just got in!!

We are excited about the new gift boxes we just got in!!

Anonymous said: Are you guys open on Memorial Day?

Yes! We will be open our regular hours: 11am to 10pm.

Lotus eyelets back in stock!

Lotus eyelets back in stock!